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Side Stand for Dualtron

Side Stand for Dualtron

  • Black Color
  • Side Stand is adjustable by adjust the screw on the stand.  Do not over tighten else the ring will break.
  • Suitable for most Dualtron.
  • All Installation required you to open up the deck and original deck. Newer models with the side stand inside the side cover will need to open up the side cover too. Do note that u will need to remove the lock nut from inside of the deck too. Whether u need to remove the original battery depends if u can manage the small space with the tools u have. Level of Difficulty from easy to hard;
    •  Ultra / DT2 Limited-  Easy. Bolt on to existing holes
    • DT3 / Thunder – Easy ( Need add Adaptor to Fit. )
      • Deck – Adaptor  – Side Stand
    • Spider – Hard ( Side Cover is hard to remove due to limited space. Need get adaptor too.
      • Deck – Adaptor  – Side Stand
    • DT1 / DT2 MX – Medium –  Direct Mount ( May need modifications to side cover to fit )
  • No drilling or cutting of side covers required for DT3 & Thunder.
  • This side stand can be extended longer or kept shorter simply by adjusting a screw.
  • Improved Design over the original part which tends to have more free play resulting in your scooters tipping over
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